Up To Date - No 122, December 2019

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Up To Date - No 122, December 2019



AAWA-Association wishes all readers a very prosperous and successful year to come. May 2020 be a year of reunion for all members of the MEK with their suffer-ing families.


MEK And ISIS Alternatives For Iran?
… Accepting the risk of not being able to return to Paris, Maryam Rajavi made her second trip to Albania to sort out the catastrophic situation of the group and ease the internal tensions and persuade people to move to the remote base. Everyone who is even slightly familiar with the situation of the Rajavi cult in Albania agrees that the MEK is very rapidly falling apart. Many have witnessed that during the past …
Tom O’connor, Newsweek, December 11 2019

Cottage CEO has high profile away from work
Giuliani referred to Ryan as “Dr.” because she holds a doctorate in health care administration from Warren National University, an online school that closed in 2009 following a failed accreditation bid. He also referred to Ryan as a “doctor” when he represented her daughter Vanessa, his personal assistant, in an insurance fraud case in Florida last year, according to the Miami Herald. Ryan also uses the “Dr.” title on a personal webpage, drmariaryan.com, through which she can be booked for speaking engagements. The website says it is “Powered by: Montagne Communications,” a leading public relations firm in New Hampshire. Maria Ryan Rudy Giuliani and Saudi Paid MEK Terrorists in Albania

Nora Doyle-Burr, Valley News, December 02 2019